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Re: GNU Pascal branch

On 3/30/06, Adriaan van Os <> wrote:
> the problem is not regular testing.

Then waht is the problem with the daily maintenance you mention? Maybe
there are other ways to make life easier for the gpc folks if you
would be more specific about the problems you apparently have.

> > and people are
> > responsible for fixing all front ends when they do backend changes.
> I don't believe that, they would just say, "oh, it is broken" or "oh,
> it is not a primary language" or whatever excuse.

Well, what you believe and what is daily practice are different then. 
I wonder why you would hold such beliefs if you have never tried it.

> We are not forcing anybody, we offer full choice. Not fixing
> backend-end bugs is what is actually forcing people. And even patches
> that do fix bugs are often not accepted.


> > What would be the benefits of this for GCC? Wouldn't this just result
> > in more bug reports for GCC maintainers
> No.

No because...?  And what about the first question?

> Thanks for your great cooperation.

Perhaps you should go look for a mirror and say this again.


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