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transient bug in gcc

>From time to time i run into these ridiculous bugs in gcc which make me
want to choke it!
Here is another ... in gcc-4.1.0
This is according to the web a much reported problem from apparently way
way back ... maybe 5 or more years.  In gcc/crtstuff.c there is an
include which is local tsystem.h which drags in a whole series of system
includes.... For whatever reason gcc insists the system includes are not
present ... no mater that every other program and configure found them,
<stdio.h> is among them.  There is a bit of pre-process logic which
has something to do with libc and bootstrapping which looks hokie, but
whatever.  The problem seems
to happen inside this code... however to get around the problem when
building in /usr  you have to do
ln -s /usr/include /usr/local/include and once you figure that out -- it
is on the web in multiple places for various projects compiling the
compiler works fine... at least sort of...
The question I have is why are these issues never seriously fixed?  The
solution is anything but obvious, however this is too hokie to just
happen.  It must have something to do with a limit on the number of open
file handles in a search path somewhere, or it would never work to ad in
a link to something which is already known, in a path which is a
secondary search.

Virgil Anderson

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