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Re: GNU Pascal branch

Steven Bosscher wrote:

Adriaan van Os <> wrote:
answer is that simply the resources fail to maintain gpc on a daily
basis on gcc mainline.

It seems to me that integrating gpc would _reduce_ the burden on the gpc team, because you would get more regular testing

the problem is not regular testing.

and people are
responsible for fixing all front ends when they do backend changes.

I don't believe that, they would just say, "oh, it is broken" or "oh, it is not a primary language" or whatever excuse.

The gpc folks would only have to worry about the front end.

Also, flexibility in choosing the back-end
version sometimes has its advantages, dependent on the platform, given
the fact that reported gcc bugs are not always fixed.

So you could help fix them, instead of forcing people to stick to older backends ;-)

We are not forcing anybody, we offer full choice. Not fixing backend-end bugs is what is actually forcing people. And even patches that do fix bugs are often not accepted.

Still, I would like to create a GNU Pascal branch for gcc. This will be
a central place where to keep the compiler updated with

What would be the benefits of this for GCC? Wouldn't this just result in more bug reports for GCC maintainers


about a project that they have
no control over?  If you don't plan to integrate gpc with the rest of
GCC, then I don't see any reason why gpc would have to live in the GCC
subversion repository.

Thanks for your great cooperation.

Adriaan van Os

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