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undefined declaration in pre-processed generated C file


My name is Bruno Galleggianti and I am working for the CEA, a French 
Research centre.

I use gcc 3.3.2 and I work on generated pre-processed C files.

In example, I'm using classic 'helloworld' source file.
In this file, I include <stdio.h> header and this header file includes
<stdarg.h> header file.
In the generated pre-processed C file, I've detected at line 9 of
helloworld.i file (see attached files) the following declaration
(resulting of the inclusion of stdarg.h file!):

typedef __builtin_va_list __gnu_va_list;

My problem is that __builtin_va_list is never declared/defined in the
pre-processed file. I've no warning about that (-Wall option)

Following this behaviour, I have 3 questions:

1) How does gcc compiler resolve this typedef (before link stage) ?

2) Is there a gcc option that can remove this type of definition in
pre-processed files? I think it's not possible before link stage.

3) Is there a possibility to obtain pre-processed C source file after
link phase (without optimization)?

Thank you for your help


Bruno Galleggianti

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Description: helloworld.i

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