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Re: Front end best practice in GCC 4.1.0?

On 3/29/06, Dustin Laurence <> wrote:
> I'm fiddling around with a GCC 4 front-end tutorial that would be more
> detailed and hands-on than anything I've found so far on the web.  It's
> a bit like the blind leading the blind, but it makes me learn better and
> while I'm learning it I don't mind writing it up, but after I learn it
> I've got better things to do.

Two friends and I have started to write a toy scheme front end. As a
sub product, we have create a hello world front end and a small
tutorial. You may find them at

Depending on what you want, maybe you can write some patches instead
of a full tutorial :-)

> The question is, which front ends are regarded as being good exemplars
> of style in GCC 4 and which are burdened with legacy code that shouldn't
> be duplicated in a new project?  I gather that at one time the obvious
> choice, treelang, wasn't all that pretty and the fortran front end was
> suggested as better, but that was somewhat dated news.

I think that fortran is a better option. Treelang has the parser mixed
up with the rest of the front end.

> All suggestions welcome.
> Dustin

Best Regards,

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