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Re: executables in gcc4.0.2

On Mar 28, 2006, at 12:59 PM, sean yang wrote:
If we do a search of main function in gcc4..0.2/gcc directory, we can find several.
I understand collect2.c-->collect2, main.c (wrapper of toplev.c) -- >cc1, gcov.c-->gcov. Can someone give a brief introduction what gen* () is ued for? For example, genattr is compiled to destgcc/gcc/ build/genattr, but I don't see anything else calls this executable.

I'd refer you to the documentation and source code.

In general, this list isn't set up for such questions. We kinda expect that you can read a make file and see lines like:

insn-attr.h: s-attr ; @true
s-attr : $(MD_DEPS) build/genattr$(build_exeext)
        $(RUN_GEN) build/genattr$(build_exeext) $(md_file) > tmp-attr.h
        $(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../move-if-change tmp-attr.h insn-attr.h
        $(STAMP) s-attr

and understand what that says and read comments like:

/* Generate attribute information (insn-attr.h) from machine description.

and get a feel for that the file might do.

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