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Re: Incremental gcc

Camm Maguire writes:
 > Greetings! GCL is a lisp compiler system which outputs C code normally
 > compiled by gcc into an object, which is then loaded and relocated
 > into the running GCL image.  In lisp, compiling is a very incremental
 > process, with many, often thousands of small functions compiled one at
 > a time.  GCL/gcc compilation speed would be greatly improved if gcc
 > could be run in some sort of incremental mode, perhaps piping from
 > stdin and outputting assemly only on stdout, if there was some way to
 > instruct gcc to flush intermediary results.  gas, which requires a
 > seekable bfd device realistically on some sort of file system, could
 > be run separately.
 > Is anything like this conceivable?
 > To Robert Dodier -- yes I agree, filesystem i/o is negligible as it is
 > all cached anyway on typical modern machines.
 > To Robert Boyer -- what an idea!  Eventually, the proper way is likely
 > to write GCL as a gcc frontend, as previously discussed briefly on
 > both lists.  Now is not the time, however, alas.

Look at for some ideas.

What you seem to be describing, though, is a JIT.


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