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Cross Compiling Ada to Netware using GNAT

Been so far unsuccessful in doing this, was hoping someone could help.

I tried to emulate our current cross compile method (C to NLM) for Ada
but something doesn't seem to be working. Currently, we cross compile
our C programs using gcc and link everything into an elf32-i386 object
file. Then, we use nlmconv to convert this into an NLM.

We figured we could link the object file that gnatmake generates
together with libgnat.a and libgcc_eh.a then use nlmconv. However,
nlmconv errors out with an 'invalid operation' and lists missing
symbols related to C, this seems to be from using the wrong header
files (using the Linux headers, not the Netware ones), so we're
missing 'stdout and stdin' among others. Netware, of course, won't run
the generated NLM if we don't link the archives and have 'missing

I know more specific information would be helpful but I don't want to
spam the list if someone has already solved this problem and can offer
suggestions on how to cross compile Ada to run on Netware. It seems
like all the tools are in place, if I could figure out exactly how to
use them.

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions/solutions.

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