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Re: Ada subtypes and base types

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 21:59, Jeffrey A Law wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 10:14 +0100, Duncan Sands wrote:
> > Hi Jeff, on the subject of seeing through typecasts, I was playing around
> > with VRP and noticed that the following "if" statement is not eliminated:
> > 
> > int u (unsigned char c) {
> >         int i = c;
> > 
> >         if (i < 0 || i > 255)
> >                 return -1; /* never taken */
> >         else
> >                 return 0;
> > }
> > 
> > Is it supposed to be?
> Fixed thusly.  Bootstrapped and regression tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu.

Hi Jeff, this seems to work nicely - thanks again.  I still see a bunch
of suboptimal range calculations in the Ada code I'm looking at, but these
now just coming from having everything initialised to VR_VARYING rather than
[TYPE_MIN, TYPE_MAX].  Do you know of any way of getting variables with
non-trivial TYPE_MIN/TYPE_MAX values in C?  I ask because I'd rather produce
test cases in C than Ada, since everyone has access to a C compiler :)

All the best,


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