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compile error on 4.1.0 vs. 3.4.2

    I don't know which version is correct, but the program below
compiles fine and works with g++-3.4.2, but fails with the following
error message when compiled with g++-4.1.0...

example.cpp: In function 'typename compose<Coll, Out>::type fmap(typename compose<Tem, Base>::type, Out (*)(In)) [with Coll = TemList<std::list, NullType>, In = int, Out = int]':
example.cpp:59:   instantiated from here
example.cpp:37: error: no matching function for call to 'fmap(const int&, int (*&)(int))'


Greg Buchholz


using namespace std;

class NullType {};

template<template<class>class H, class T> struct TemList
    typedef T Tail;

template<class Tem,class Base> struct compose;

template<template<class>class Tem,class Base> 
struct compose<TemList<Tem,NullType>,Base >
    typedef Tem<Base> type;

template<template<class>class Tem,class Tail, class Base> 
struct compose<TemList<Tem,Tail>,Base >
    typedef Tem<typename compose<Tail,Base>::type> type;

template<class Coll, class In, class Out> 
typename compose<Coll,Out>::type 
fmap(typename compose<Coll,In>::type l, Out (*f)(In))
    typename compose<Coll,Out>::type temp;

    for(typename compose<Coll,Out>::type::const_iterator iter = l.begin();
        iter != l.end(); ++iter)
    return temp; 

template<class In, class Out> 
Out fmap(In i, Out (*f)(In))
    return f(i);

int inc(int x){ return x+1; }

template<class T> std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream&, const std::list<T>&);

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    int tmp[] = {1,2,3};
    list<int> simple_list(tmp,tmp+3);
    cout << "fmap on single int :" << fmap(5,inc) << endl;
    cout << "inc of simple list: " << simple_list << " => " ;
    cout << fmap<TemList<list, NullType>,int,int>(simple_list,inc) << endl;   
    return 0;

template<class T> std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& o, const std::list<T>& l)
    o << "[";
    for(typename std::list<T>::const_iterator i = l.begin(); i != --l.end(); ++i)
        o << *i << ",";
    return o << *(--l.end()) << "]";

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