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Re: New brach 'yara-branch' is created

Paolo Bonzini <> writes:

> >> The lower-subreg patch that Richard Henderson posted, and that
> >> comes up again and again from time to time, may also help.  It does
> >> require a bit of hacking in the MDs (mostly removing the DImode
> >> patterns for logical operations since the middle-end is able to
> >> synthesize them on its own).
> > Thanks for the information.  I'll look at this.
> Here is an updated patch; the code is also cleaned up a bit to comply
> better with the GCC coding standards.

I'll note that I also have an updated version of this patch, which I
have not been posting due to copyright assignment issues.  I think my
version is a bit better since it recognizes the insn and walks over
the operands, rather than walking over the whole pattern.

I have very good results on some test cases.  In general, though, for
best results on i386 the register allocator needs to be improved to
track subreg deaths independently.  I've started that work, but not
completed it.

If anybody wants to look at my patch, let me know privately.  I am
hoping that the copyright assignment issue will be resolved Real Soon


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