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Re: New brach 'yara-branch' is created

Paul Brook wrote:

On Saturday 18 March 2006 17:56, Vladimir N. Makarov wrote:

 I've created a branch for my allocator project which is called Yet
Another Register Allocator (or YARA - yet another recursive acronim).

I am think I reached the point when my work on a public branch can
be made. I am focused only on x86 right now. So YARA will work only
for x86 and probably for x86_64 for some tests (at least for SPEC).
There is no way that it will work for PPC, Itanium or other targets
for now.

Is this related to, and have you considered the long-term proposal for improving register allocation that was posted on the thislist a while ago?

Some code might be used for this proposal (especially local allocator that is what reload does. Because I hope it is easier understand than reload. Although i should say that reload is much more superior for now). But generally speaking it is a different project.

I think the more projects for allocator exist, the better it is for gcc. I believe that improvement of reload done by Bernd is important too. Although it is harder for me because gcc is a moving target and i see considerable improvements in reload for the last year (e.g perlbmk was 25% slower with the current gcc allocator 9 months ago and now the gap is only 10%).



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