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Re: FSF Policy re. inclusion of source code from other projects in GCC

>>>>> Joe Buck writes:

Ben> Please specify exactly what you want, and who at the FSF I talk to.

Joe> If you have messages giving past discussions of the issue, all the better.

	If you have a message from the FSF approving the current
situation, it would be extremely helpful if you either included that in
the "Upstream Packages" stanza of the Coding Conventions page, provided a
link to the public email message, or summarized the agreement and provided
a point of contact who has the original message.

	The GCC SC needs to be able to find out the disposition of pieces
of GCC to answer questions from RMS, the FSF, and others.  The best way to
avoid this type of confusion in the future is to keep the information in
Upstream Packages up to date so that the GCC SC and everyone can answer
these types of questions definitively.  We need the cooperation of GCC
maintainers and reviewers to ensure that this all runs smoothly.

Thanks, David

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