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Re: FSF Policy re. inclusion of source code from other projects in GCC

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:
>> As previously stated, if there is contrary information from FSF lawyers,
>> then please gather it and present it to the FSF.
> Please specify exactly what you want, and who at the FSF I talk to.

I don't want anything in particular.  I can assure you that my idea of a
good time is not to spend hours drafting and redrafting emails about
license issues.  I volunteered to do that because RMS asked someone on
the SC to do it, and nobody else volunteered.

You will have to ask the FSF what they need to confirm the situation as
you understand it.  I would imagine that the ideal piece of evidence
would be email from the FSF saying "It's OK to consider the STL files as
part of GCC, you can modify them as you see fit, and it's OK to put FSF
copyright notices on them."

The right person to contact is RMS directly:  He generally
responds to email within forty-eight hours, as the outside.  I would
suggest copying the GCC SC, since as the SC is the official maintainer
of GCC, the SC needs to understand the outcome.

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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