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Re: FSF Policy re. inclusion of source code from other projects in GCC

> > The STL files in libstdc++-v3 need to be clearly marked as not part of
> > GCC.  Benjamin, will you please take care of that, by modifying the
> > libstdc++-v3/README to indicate that the files originally from HP are
> > not part of GCC, and specifically list those files?  

Huh? What are you smoking dude? 

Doing this would contradict past legal advice, given from actual
lawyers no less, both at the FSF and Red Hat.

I believe there has been a simple mistake here, or perhaps a
generalization drawn too loosely. The current GNU libstdc+
+ STL sources started diverging from the SGI sources (who had taken
over maintainer-ship of the HP sources) as of 3.13, seven years ago.
Since that time, there has been nothing to merge back to, and those
source are unmaintained. This can be considered a permanent fork. All
changes since then have been contributed under the GPL and copyright
FSF, for which the FSF has assignments on file. 


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