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buglet in your recent change?


you add restrap unconditionally, and yet it was already defined above, thus causing make to say:

mrs $ make
Makefile:13094: warning: overriding commands for target `restrap'
Makefile:12386: warning: ignoring old commands for target `restrap'


@if gcc-no-bootstrap
# GCC has some more recursive targets, which trigger the old
# (but still current, until the toplevel bootstrap project
# is finished) compiler bootstrapping rules.

GCC_STRAP_TARGETS = bootstrap bootstrap-lean bootstrap2 bootstrap2- lean bootstrap3 bootstrap3-leanbootstrap4 bootstrap4-lean bubblestrap quickstrap cleanstrap restrap
$(GCC_STRAP_TARGETS): all-prebootstrap configure-gcc
@r=`${PWD_COMMAND}`; export r; \
s=`cd $(srcdir); ${PWD_COMMAND}`; export s; \

@: $(MAKE); $(stage)
rm -rf stage1-$(TARGET_SUBDIR) stage2 stage3 stage4 stageprofile stagefeedback


Do you need an:

@if gcc-bootstrap

on the second one?

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