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Re: Problem with pex-win32.c

Ross Ridge wrote:
> Arguably, not having a console window attached a shell window is broken
> in the Cygwin environment.

Paul Brook wrote:
> How exactly do you suggest implementing this?

The same way Cygwin rxvt implements this.  

>By implication you're saying that you shouldn't able to use gcc from any GUI 
>environment. Cygwin isn't any different to any other process (eg. Eclipse) 
>that want to run and capture the output of "commandline" applications.

No, the implication is that I shouldn't expect use in gcc in any GUI
enviroment that doesn't create a hidden console window to run console
applications with.  Fortunately for me, my favourite GUI development
enviroment, GNU Emacs, does just that on Windows.  I just tested
MinGW gcc with Visual Studio 2005 Express, and it gets it right too.
No console windows popping up, no output lost.  I don't know about
Eclipse, but other IDEs and kitchen sink editors, like Code::Blocks,
Dev-C++ and gvim seem to work fine other people.  If Eclipse doesn't work
as well with MinGW and every other Win32 command line compiler or tool,
then arguably Eclipse is broken too.

					Ross Ridge

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