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RE: Problem with pex-win32.c

On 14 March 2006 19:22, Paul Brook wrote:

>>> Is this really worth it?  Could this whole problem be solved by you
>>> switching to rxvt?  Maybe the only problem is that your xterm is broken.
>>   Nothing is "broken".  The problem is that Cygwin applications run in a
>> slightly special environment, where there may not be a console attached to
>> the shell window.  This is not a problem for cygwin apps, but it can be for
>> non-cygwin-aware apps launched from inside cygwin's 'special' environment
>> that may assume that the standard win32 assumptions hold.  This is a
>> consequence of cygwin providing features over and above the underlying OS:
>> software written for the underlying OS can't be aware of every possible OS
>> extension.
> The problem isn't unique to cygwin. The same problems occur in any
> environment that doesn't run inside a win32 console window. eg. most IDEs,
> including Eclipse and MS Visual Studio.
> Paul

  Well, cygwin knows about this, and takes steps when launching a new process
to not let it get confused if it doesn't have a console attached.  Eclipse and
MSVC could do likewise.  The problem really arises when cygwin has to launch a
new non-cygwin process; then there's nothing it can do to stop the child
getting confused and generating a new console.

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