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Re: Porting gcj to i386-darwin

>>>>> "Sandro" == Sandro Tolaini <> writes:

>> For best results you will want to make sure that the code to turn
>> signals into exceptions works properly.  This is both OS- and
>> architecture dependent.  I haven't looked at the x86 darwin port,
>> perhaps some gcc hacking is required.

Sandro> How can I try this? Is there some test case I can use?

Yes, one of the test cases in the libjava test suite checks this.
Offhand I forget which one... but if you do a 'make check' and send
the list of FAILs we can help analyze them.  (This would be better
done on the gcj list,

You can run just these tests by using 'make check' in the libjava
build tree.  You'll need dejagnu.

Sandro> Considering all of the above facts, how can I submit a patch, and how
Sandro> much likely it is to be accepted?

There's a bunch of info here:

The most important thing is dealing with the paperwork.

We can help walk you through submitting the patches... these should go

I think your chances of getting your changes in is very good :-)
This port has come up a few times already; if you're set up to test
things then we're in great shape.


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