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Re: Porting gcj to i386-darwin

>>>>> "Sandro" == Sandro Tolaini <> writes:

Sandro> Hi everyone, I would like to port gcj/libgcj to i386-darwin. Is there
Sandro> someone already working on that?

Not that I know of.

Sandro> target-zlib: should be sufficient to add i386-darwin to the supported
Sandro> platforms


Sandro> target-boehm-gc: a patch exists for porting to the new platform, so
Sandro> it should be a matter of applying it

Yeah.  We can also import a new GC if that helps.

Sandro> target-libffi, target-libmudflap, target-libjava: I don't know what
Sandro> exactly needs to be done, maybe someone could help me

libffi and mudflap were covered by Paolo and Andrew.

Note that if the only ABI difference is doubles in structs, then
libffi should work fine for libgcj's purposes already -- libgcj never
passes structs via libffi.

Note also that you can disable libffi and still build libgcj.  You
will be missing some features, and we wouldn't consider this a real
port... but this can be a convenient way to work on it in the order
you prefer.

For libjava some porting may be required, though it shouldn't be very

For best results you will want to make sure that the code to turn
signals into exceptions works properly.  This is both OS- and
architecture dependent.  I haven't looked at the x86 darwin port,
perhaps some gcc hacking is required.

Sandro> Another question: if I change a somewhere, is there a
Sandro> script that rebuilds all the configure things or I have to call
Sandro> autoconf (which version?) on it?

You have to run autoconf et al by hand.


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