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Re: GCC for SPARC Systems

> When you're a company like Intel with a relatively small gap between gcc
> on x86 and icl, it's worth improving the gcc backend, but on Sparc
> the gap is much wider, so the effort to bridge it may not be justified
> from a resource point of view.

Eh, SPARC is not IA-64 so improving the SPARC back-end should not be more 
resource-consuming than designing and maintaining a hybrid compiler.  If I'm 
not mistaken, the gap is wide for FP code essentially but Sun doesn't seem 
to care much about FP anymore if I read the Niagara specs correctly.

> Personally I wouldn't mind working towards improving gcc sparc backend.
> Actually we are fixing gcc own bugs and contribute them back.

To be clear, not bugs in the SPARC back-end.

May I also suggest to find a different name for the product?  Presumably it 
doesn't run on Linux or FreeBSD so "GCC for SPARC Systems" is a bit 
misleading, given that FSF GCC for SPARC does run on the aforementioned 
operating systems in addition to Solaris.  Something like "Sun GCC for 
SPARC/Solaris Systems" although I'm not sure if using "GCC" is not already 

Eric Botcazou

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