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Re: Help needed with gcc-4.1.0 on Linux

Jim Wilson wrote:
> Tom Williams wrote:
>> I downloaded gcc-4.1.0 the other day and the compile went fine. When I
>> ran "make check" to make sure all went well, I get this error:
> Always use "make -k check". Otherwise, make will exit after the first
> failure, instead of running all of the testsuites.
Ok, will do.
> Some failures are normal. It is hard to get all tests working for all
> targets all at the same time. So just because something failed doesn't
> mean there is anything seriously wrong.
Yep, I understand. I just didn't know if the fixincludes problem was
indicative of anything "serious" or not. :)
> "Linux" is ambiguous. If this is an IA-64 Linux system, then you
> should say that. The installed headers on an IA-64 Linux system may be
> different than the installed headers on, say, an x86_64 Linux system.
I'm on a 32-bit Linux system, running a stock 32-bit kernel.
> Actually, looking at the fixincludes check support, it looks like it
> is a bug in the make check support. It appears that everytime we add
> fixinclude support for a new file, and we include test_text in that
> support, then we need to add a copy of the resulting corrected output
> file to the testsuite. This was not done for the ia64/sys/getppdp.h
> file. There could also be other similar errors. A bug report in
> bugzilla would be useful to track this.
I'll file a bug report now.




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