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Re: undefined BITS_PER_UNIT

Jim Wilson wrote:
Rogelio Serrano wrote:
When building gcc-4.1.0 with uclibc im getting and undefined
BITS_PER_UNIT error when building libgcc at the muldi3.

Using grep would show that it is defined in the defaults.h file. Using grep again shows that defaults.h is supposed to be automatically included in the tm.h file by configure. The fact that it isn't implies that tm_file is being set wrong in config.gcc.

You failed to mention the target triplet. Just uclibc is ambiguous, as there are many different systems using uclibc. If you are configuring for an existing target, then this would indicate a bug in a supported target that should be reported and fixed. If you are writing your own port, this indicates a bug in your port.
I found the problem in uclibc itself. I was using a snapshot. Make 3.80 linked with the snapshot fails to pass the variables needed by to build libgcc properly. -DIN_GCC in particular was not passed to the submake. This does not happen with the uClibc 0.9.28 release.

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