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Re: Help needed with gcc-4.1.0 on Linux

Tom Williams wrote:
I downloaded gcc-4.1.0 the other day and the compile went fine.  When I
ran "make check" to make sure all went well, I get this error:

Always use "make -k check". Otherwise, make will exit after the first failure, instead of running all of the testsuites.

Some failures are normal. It is hard to get all tests working for all targets all at the same time. So just because something failed doesn't mean there is anything seriously wrong.

Most people don't bother to run the fixincludes testsuite. It requires an extra tool that most people don't have installed. So, offhand, I can't say for sure whether this is a known problem. It wouldn't hurt to file a bug report if you already haven't done so. See
for info on how to report bugs.

"Linux" is ambiguous. If this is an IA-64 Linux system, then you should say that. The installed headers on an IA-64 Linux system may be different than the installed headers on, say, an x86_64 Linux system.

Actually, looking at the fixincludes check support, it looks like it is a bug in the make check support. It appears that everytime we add fixinclude support for a new file, and we include test_text in that support, then we need to add a copy of the resulting corrected output file to the testsuite. This was not done for the ia64/sys/getppdp.h file. There could also be other similar errors. A bug report in bugzilla would be useful to track this.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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