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Re: Request for testsuite regression period

On Mon, 2006-03-06 at 12:34 -0500, Andrew Pinski wrote:
> I noticed that some testsuite regressions were not getting fixed.
> There are 3 failures in the gcc.dg/tree-ssa (PR 26344).
> And 5 in g++.dg (PR 26115 and PR 26114).
> All of these testsuite regressions have been there for almost
> three weeks (the C++ have been there over a month now).  The
> patch which caused them has been identified over 48 hours ago.
> What is the policy for testsuite regressions that have been
> there for over 48 hours and effect all targets and have not
> been fixed yet?
> Should we cause the mainline to go into stage3 until these
> regressions have been fixed?
> Since the testsuite helps people know "instantaneous" if they
> patch is wrong, having known FAILs stay too long just causes confusion.
If you're that bothered by the failures, then xfail them
until I can fix them.  

Revering the patch would be a giant PITA and would actually
make it *HARDER* to fix the Ada problems.

You're really not helping here.  I'm dealing with things as
quickly as I can and prioritizing the incorrect code issues
over minor performance issues.


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