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Re: GCC Port (gcc backend) for Microchip PICMicro microcontroller


Le lundi 06 mars 2006 Ã 13:39 +0000, Colm O' Flaherty a Ãcrit :
> Francois,
> I'm really interested in getting a gcc port (gcc backend) for the Microchip 
> PIC16F family (14 bit instruction, 8 bit word) up and running.  I've seen 
> various mails to the gcc list that refer to this, the most recent being from 
> you.
It a good question. I think 18F is clearly C-oriented architecture,
whereas coding C on 16F is not very efficient. In the other hand, 16F is
quite simple,it could be a good example, and I better know 16F assembly
than 18F assembly (I always coded 18F in C).
> Can you summarise the current status of your port, or any other active gcc 
> PIC ports that you are aware of?
For the moment, I am only studying internal gcc documentation. I will be
quite busy until june month, so I don't planned anything for the moment.

About this subject, if a french people know well gcc machine descriptor
language, I am interessed in being mailled by him, to learn more about
> There is an existing open-source C compiler with PIC support (SDCC) that 
> I've used, but my experience with this is that it isn't as scalable as I 
> would like (particularly for device support), whereas gcc is a well known 
> compiler with a solid code base, great platform support, and comes with 
> pretty much every Linux distribution I've ever seen.
I think so.
> Am I mistaken in thinking that if we got a gcc PIC backend up and running, 
> that we would be able to code for PICs in C, C++, Fortran, Ada, and Java 
> (subject to memory limitations, etc)???  Thats a dream...
I think so, and it's also the dream of a friend. Really, gcc seems have
a different behaviour for C-C++ and the others. I can't tell more about
that subject, and as far I am concerned, I don't have the competences
and the will to use Java on Pic.
> Colm O' Flaherty

Francois Poulain

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