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Re: does gcc 4.1 generate "faster" binaries than earlier gcc versions?


of course most development on gcc is applied to make the produced
binary faster. Also most benchmarks focus on the speed of the produced
binaries - you just need to look on the right benchmarks ,-)

Whether the generated binary of gcc in a new major version is faster
depends on your code and optimizations used and I have not tested
MIPS recently.

For my code new versions of GCC are usually faster, on x86-64
-frename-registers gave some extra bonus on 4.0 IIRC.

On Saturday 04 March 2006 20:02, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Perhaps the question is a bit silly, but I thought I'd ask it anyway.
> I'm compiling some software for a Linux/uClibc on a mipsel platform.
> Right now I'm using gcc 3.4.4 to do both native and cross-compilation.
> A while ago gcc 4.1 was released, and boasts many optimizations.
> As the mipsel devices I use are rather slow - here comes the point of my 
> question: will binaries I compile with gcc 4.1 be faster than these 
> compiled with 3.4.4?
> I don't really care about compilation time; I'm only concerned with the 
> speed of the binaries made with gcc 3.4.4 and 4.1 (i.e., will gzip 
> compiled with gcc 4.1 compress a given file faster than gzip compressed 
> with gcc 3.4.4).
> I tried looking for some benchmarks, but they mainly deal with 
> compilation time.

René Rebe - Rubensstr. 64 - 12157 Berlin (Europe / Germany)
            +49 (0)30  255 897 45

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