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Re: ACATS c460008 and VRP

On Sat, 2006-03-04 at 07:29 -0500, Robert Dewar wrote:
> Laurent GUERBY wrote:
> > On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 01:34 +0100, Robert Dewar wrote:
> >> Laurent GUERBY wrote:
> >>
> >>> VRP might now force us to update the overflow list but I'm not sure
> >>> about switching to a full -gnato everywhere.
> >> well you can expect some fiddling each version if you work this way
> > 
> > The list for -gnato tests hasn't changed since it's initial
> > import into GCC in 2003-10-27, and was present in early
> > versions of acats4gnat may be a year before. Not yet in the
> > "fiddling each version" category :).
> It might be worth noting in documentation somewhere that this procedure
> for running ACATS (using different switches on different tests) does
> not conform to the standardized procedure for running these tests
> (standardized = relevant ISO standard).

This was implied in README.ACATS4GNAT of my original separate packaging
"acats4gnat", but it looks like I forgot to add it to the GCC sources, I
will propose a patch shortly.


Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 00:56:03 +0100

Just a few notes on the ACATS scripts made available:

- The acats4gnat script are not designed to do an official validation,
just as a way to get all executable tests to run as easily as
possible, and for this purpose I've tried to keep them as simple as
possible. Non executable tests are not even looked at.

- Adaptation to a cross environment should be easy since the script
uses the regular "gnatmake" command, and there is one line to launch
the test executable. I haven't tried to do so yet.

- The scripts ACT uses (and Joel mentions) are far more complicated
because they're addressing the process of a real Ada validation, and I
worked on them while working for ACT, but I believe Gary Dismukes
wrote the initial version of them.

- ACT has kindly contributed their ACATS configuration files which I
hacked a bit.

- I worked for ACT, but I no longer do, at my new work we're client of
ACT services in the non-embedded work.

- We're all waiting for the GNAT sources integration into GCC CVS
repository, which should solve a lot of problems with GNAT/RTEMS.

- When this happens I'll try to provide an integrated GCC/Ada testing
driver, and GNAT/RTEMS support is high on the list ;-).

- Feel free to contact me through this list or at <> if
you need help, answers, have suspicious looking failures or have
contribution to make. I read my personal email from 2000 to 2300 Paris
time, if I don't answer after a week, please resend, this is a
processing mistake on my side ;-).

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