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Re: automation: Problem with builddir != srcdir requirement


--- Paolo Bonzini <> wrote:

> > That's sad news. Maybe they would would consider a
> > well-written patch; I have to try.
> If you want to remain sane, don't look at their
> makefiles. :-)
> >> (Note that GCC 4.1.x is just building with
> builddir
> >> != srcdir under your feet).
> >>     
> > That's perfectly good for me.
> >   
> That was to mean, that there are good reasons, when
> the build system 
> becomes complex, to support only builddir != srcdir.

Yes, I agree. There are also good reasons not to fail
noisily in this case, and satisfy the requirement
automatically as it's the case with gcc-4.1.x .

>  Programs that do 
> not support it are buggy and should be reported to
> the author.

This might be good in theory, but in practice it's not
that simple. I am screening _all_ GNU projects, and
I'm testing, contacting the maintainers, advicing,
writing many, many patches and whole new build systems
just to have all GNU projects support the existence of
a working configure script, or a Makefile with the
common targets.

Maybe when all GNU projects are mostly ok with the GNU
coding standards, then we can be picky and start to
fix projects with builddir == srcdir assumption.
Now it's not a realistic goal.

> Paolo


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