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GCC for SPARC Systems

We are pleased to announce the availability of GCC for SPARC (R) Systems
(GCCfss) at

GCCfss extends GCC to be able to use
the optimizing Sun(tm) Code Generator for SPARC systems (SCGfss).

We encourage you to download it and try it.
The compiler commands are the same as GCC: gcc and g++.
All of the GCC command-line options are there and MORE!
Crank up the optimization level (-O3 and -fast).
Use interprocedural optimizations (-xipo).
Use profile driven optimization (-xprofile).
And this is just the initial version!
More optimizations will follow shortly.

Programs compiled with GCCfss follow
the same ABI as programs compiled by GCC.
You can mix and match GCCfss and GCC compiled objects.

We would be pleased to answer your questions and hear your feedback
in our cooltools forum:

The companion SCGfss software is also available for free download (and
must be installed to obtain the full benefit of GCCfss.)  Besides the
SPARC code generator itself, SCGfss includes other cool tools that
have also been recently made available for Sun Studio 11:

- Automatic Tuning and Troubleshooting System (ATS)

ATS is a binary reoptimization and recompilation tool that can be used for
tuning and troubleshooting applications. ATS works by rebuilding the compiled
PEC (Portable Executable Code) binary - the original source code is not

Examples of what can be achieved using ATS are:

    * Find the compiler options that give the best performance
    * Find the object file and the optimization flag that is causing a runtime
    * Rebuild the application using new compiler options

- Binary Instrumentation Tool (BIT)

BIT - Binary Improvement Tool, is a tool containing various resources for
working with SPARC binaries. It can instrument and analyze binaries, providing
exact count runtime information for purposes of performance or coverage
analysis. It can also optimize binaries to improve runtime performance,
particularly with respect to instruction cache usage. BIT can work on binaries
which have been compiled with the Sun Studio 11 compiler or with
GCCfss using the -xbinopt=prepare option.

GCC for SPARC Systems team.

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