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Re: GCC 4.1.0 Released

> That is the whole point: I'd like to back port the -mtune=generic
> change to 4.1 branch. There are so many different IA32/x86-64
> processors. The default optimization is more useful than -mtune=xxx.
> The new default (-mtune=generic) is much better than the old one for
> the current IA32/x86-64 processors.

You are missing the whole point about a release branch though.  Yes
there have been exceptions in the past to the policy but they should
not be taken for granted.  GCC is growing up as a real professional
compiler which means no new features in minor revisions aka bug fixes
releases.  Yes there are a few exception but others and I feel this is
not an example of one of the exception at least at this point in time.

One of the reasons why people are against this patch is because one
it touches the most popular target which means it could unstablize it.
Two there are still known regressions with this patch.

PR 26146 for an example.

Andrew Pinski

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