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tracking pointers in hardware

Hi all,

I'm designing a new hardware that needs to know which GPR contains a simple integer, and which contained pointer. The hardware simply needs different load operations for both (we're talking load/store machines, with no indirect addressing to make life easier).

From the compiler's perspective, all it needs is to annotate load operations to tell the hardware if this is a pointer or an integer (say LD for integers and PLD for pointers).

As far as I can see, this data is not available in the final RTL stage:
the RTL contains some pointer data about virtual registers at first, but it seems this data gets lost during optimizations, and mainly during the reload phase.

Do any of you guys have suggestions how to implement it as part of gcc?
My only idea for now is to add an RTL pass just before the final pass tracking dataflow to find which registers are used as addresses in loads/stores (but this can probably be done by dataflow tracking asm-to-asm filter).


Yoav Etsion

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