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Preserving bootstrap with non-GCC compilers


I'm a big fan of Zack's "over-my-dead-body" motto when it comes to ditching 
bootstrap with non-GCC compilers. :-)  It turns out that bootstrap is again 
broken on mainline for them (at least Sun CC) and that the problem is another 
instance of PR bootstrap/18058.

Now the problem is reproducible with GCC if the build is configured with 
CC="gcc -fkeep-inline-functions".

Given that the problem has already showed up at least twice and that there is 
a straightforward way to mimic it with GCC, I'm proposing to be proactive and 
add -fkeep-inline-functions to CFLAGS for stage1 of an --enable-bootstrap 
build if the bootstrap compiler is a version of GCC that supports it.  More 
generally, if other bootstrap with non-GCC compilers issues pop up, I think 
we should strive to emulate them with GCC.

Comments?  I'm of course also volunteering to write the patch, provided that 
an adept at the new bootstrap (black) magic gives me a clue as to where I 
should start. :-)

Eric Botcazou

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