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Re: iWMMXt/Linux EABI toolchain

--- Daniel Jacobowitz <> wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 04:57:03AM +0000, Steven Newbury wrote:
> > Thanks for the quick response!
> > I'm sure it seems I like to make hard wok for myself! It gets worse, I'm
> > porting Gentoo Linux to iWMMXt with pure EABI kernel and userspace.  I'm
> not
> > concerned about being able to run old binaries. So is using abi=iwmmxt
> really
> > not what I want? A really bad idea?
> Absolutely.  You want the AAPCS, not Intel's pre-AAPCS ABI.
Ah right! I wasn't sure about that, thanks.

I have managed to build with arm-iwmmxt-linux-gnu, where iwmmxt as the vendor
string is picked up by my ebuild scripts to pass the iwmmxt target flags. 
Given my objective, am I wrong to try to make a tool chain that targets
xscale-iwmmxt-linux-gnueabi specifically or do you just consider it unnecessary


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