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Re: makeinfo version required (was: define_constraints patch, re-revised)

On Tue, Feb 28, 2006 at 10:02:03PM +0100, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> That said, I don't really disagree about enforcing proper prerequisites to 
> build GCC and its documentation, my question in this case, and in general, 
> just is: Can the issue which we encountered be worked around in a simple
> way in our .texi sources, or is it important enough to warrant ramping up
> our requirements?

On reflection, @strong{} around the column headers will do; it
won't look *quite* as good in HTML and Info, but it's acceptable,
and it works with old makeinfo.  I've checked in the patch below.


	* doc/md.texi: Avoid use of @headitem so that makeinfo <4.7
        continues to work.

--- doc/md.texi	(revision 111641)
+++ doc/md.texi	(local)
@@ -3041,7 +3041,7 @@
 @c the @c's prevent double blank lines in the printed manual.
 @multitable {Original} {Mangled}
-@headitem Original @tab Mangled        @c
+@item @strong{Original} @tab @strong{Mangled}  @c
 @item @code{x}     @tab @code{x}       @c
 @item @code{P42x}  @tab @code{P42x}    @c
 @item @code{P4_x}  @tab @code{P4__x}   @c

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