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Re: iWMMXt/Linux EABI toolchain

On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 04:27:48AM +0000, Steven Newbury wrote:
> Hi! I'm attempting to build a iWMMXt/Linux EABI toolchain using gcc HEAD.  I'm
> using the target xscale-iwmmxt-linux-gnueabi, I've added support for this
> target to binutils and built a cross linker etc.
> I've proceeded to add a suitable target in config.gcc which supports EABI,
> xscale and Linux basing it on the existing arm/linux target and replacing the
> linux-elf.h file with a modified one based on xscale-elf.h which I've called
> xscale-linux-elf.h.
> I then attempted to build a stage1 compiler with "--with-abi=iwmmxt
> --with-cpu=iwmmxt --with-arch=iwmmxt", but as soon as the build tries to run
> xgcc I get the error below.  It looks like it's getting the types wrong, but
> I'm very new to GCC internals and I'm not sure where to look.

Try just using arm-none-linux-gnueabi and --with-cpu=iwmmxt
--with-arch=iwmmxt; you almost certainly do not want --with-abi=iwmmxt.

The error you gave suggests that you didn't modify something properly
to handle the xscale-linux-gnueabi target, but arm would work just fine.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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