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Re: Request to become moderator of crossgcc mailing list

[Note that reply-to is set to sourcemaster to prevent any further pollination
in the gcc mailing list]
On Sun, Feb 26, 2006 at 09:14:12AM -0800, Dan Kegel wrote:
>The crossgcc mailing list really needs some moderator lovin'.  e.g.  an
>address on the crossgcc mailing list is bouncing, and needs removal.

It would help if you mentioned what the address is.  FWIW, ezmlm is
supposed to detect bouncing email and remove addresses automatically.
However, if the mail is bouncing directly back to senders then the only
way we know to remove it is if someone sends the headers on to

>Worse, the blurb at the bottom of each post has needed updating for the
>last four years or so.

I've removed the (indirect) reference to Bill Gatliff's site.

>I seem to be one of the main players on that list these days, and I'm
>willing.  Any chance I could become a moderator of the crossgcc list?

I'd have to check with the other administrators of this site but, in the
meantime, please forward the bouncing email to postmaster so that we can
unsubscribe the person with the email problems.

Btw, I do follow the crossgcc list and correct any obvious problems.  I missed
the fact that the trailer referred to an obsolete web site, however.


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