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4.1.0rc2 *rtems report (preliminary)


I have just finished building gcc 4.1.0-20060223 for the RTEMS targets using newlib 1.14 and binutils 2.16.1. I called this a preliminary report because I have not built RTEMS itself yet so there may be issues. I did not notice any build issues with rc1 so my fingers are crossed. I have not executed any code yet with rc1 or rc2 on target hardware.

Fix from rc1: Ada builds without installing C first. :)

arm-rtems4.7: C C++ Ada
avr-rtems4.7: FAILED
h8300-rtems4.7: C C++
i386-rtems4.7: C C++ Ada
i686-pc-linux-gnu: C C++
m68k-rtems4.7: C C++ Ada
mips64-rtems4.7: C C++ Ada
mips-rtems4.7: C C++ Ada
powerpc-rtems4.7: C C++ Ada
sh-rtems4.7: C C++ Ada
sparc-rtems4.7: C C++ Ada

AVR failed with what I think is a known problem.  If it isn't, I need
to report it.

../../../../../../gcc-4.1.0-20060223/newlib/libc/misc/init.c: In function '__libc_fini_array':
../../../../../../gcc-4.1.0-20060223/newlib/libc/misc/init.c:59: error: unable to find a register to spill in class 'BASE_POINTER_REGS'
../../../../../../gcc-4.1.0-20060223/newlib/libc/misc/init.c:59: error: this is the insn:
(insn 64 31 32 2 ../../../../../../gcc-4.1.0-20060223/newlib/libc/misc/init.c:56 (set (mem/c:HI (plus:HI (reg/f:HI 28 r28)
(const_int 1 [0x1])) [5 S2 A8])
(reg:HI 24 r24)) 12 {*movhi} (nil)
../../../../../../gcc-4.1.0-20060223/newlib/libc/misc/init.c:59: confused by earlier errors, bailing out

More to follow early next week I hope.


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