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Generalize ready list sorting via heuristics in rank_for_schedule.

I've been looking a bit at how haifa_sched.c sorts the ready list and think
there may be some room for added flexibility and/or improvement.  I'll
throw out a few ideas for discussion.

Currently, within the ready_sort macro in haifa-sched.c, the call to qsort
is passed "rank_for_schedule" to help it decide which of two instructions
should be placed further towards the front of the ready list.
Rank_for_schedule uses a set of ordered heuristics (rank, priority, etc.)
to make this decision.  The set of heuristics is fixed for all target

There can be cases, however, where a target machine may want to define
heuristics driven by specific characteristics of that machine.  Those
heuristics may be meaningless on other targets.

Likewise, a given target machine may prefer a different order in which to
check the heuristics, possibly going as far as checking them in a different
order based on which pass of the scheduler is running.

I'd be interested in seeing "rank_for_schedule" converted into a scheduler
target hook.  Target machines would then have the flexibility to define
further heuristics for determining sort order.  The default for an
undefined hook would be to use the current algorithm,

One could go a step further and break each heuristic out into a separate
function.  This would allow target machines to specify to the scheduler a
list of which heuristics to apply and an order in which to apply them.  A
target machine could also define its own heuristic functions and include
them in the heuristic ordering for that target.  In addition, a different
set of heuristics, or a different ordering could be applied based on which
pass of the scheduler is running.

I'd like to start experimenting with this, but would appreciate any
comments or suggestions from others that may be familiar with this code.



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