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Help - Crash gcc 3.4.2 64 bits Shared Library


Sometimes I have got a bus error at libstdc++ with gcc
in SUN.

I have used a multithread 64 bits application that
loads dynamicly ( as a application's plugin ) a couple
of dinamic libraries. That application and all your 
dynamic libraries  have a strong use of C++ Standard

Sometimes, when the application is running over high
It has received a bus error. The error is got in the
push_back() method call to a vector object. 
I have  a limited stack trace got using "mdb" ( see
below ), because I was not  able to reproduce the
error in development.

 I would like know if the error could is or  due some
libstdc++  bug either some missing compilation flag (
i have used -fPIC -shared -m64 in shared libraries
generation ), either some application bug.

  Could somebody gives me any hint/tip ?  Below is the
stack trace.

Thank you,

Frederico Faria

 Information about the environment

The application is compiled with:
  SunOS 5.8 Generic_117350-04 sun4u sparc
  GCC 3.4.2 

The application runs another SUN: 
  SunOS 5.9 Generic_118558-04 sun4u sparc

Stack Trace:

1314eb710, 1314eb718, 1314eb710, 0, ffffffff668fd918)
ffffffff668fd091 0xffffffff6fd786d8(12ad55738, 3,
ffffffff6e591a38, ffffffff668fdaa0, ffffffff668ff250,
275946, 275946, 0, 81010100, 
ffffffff668ff250, 275946, 
117eda898, 81010100, ff00)


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