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The actual LLVM integration patch

I threw the current version of the patch up here:

This is a patch vs the Apple branch as of a few weeks ago. The diff is in gcc.patch.txt, the new files are included in the tarball.

Note, there are not enough caveats in the world to include with this. :) I literally ran to work, grabbed the diff and am uploading it. The patch has tested (with Apple code, not with dejagnu) at various points with '--enable-languages=c,objc --enable-llvm'. It's entirely possible that I was in the middle of something Friday and I forgot about them, and it is very clear that the patch is incomplete (was not intending to make it public for a month, so there are still FIXMEs and other missing pieces). Also, a lot of the changes in objc-act.c are LLVM-independent speedup patches I've fed to Fariborz separately for inclusion in mainline.

However, it should at least give the list some concrete idea of what I'm talking about. :) If you have specific criticisms of the patch, I welcome the feedback, please send it to me privately.

The main part of the translation process is in llvm-convert.cpp.

Oh, if you want to test it, you have to download and build an LLVM tarball, and hack LLVMBASELIBPATH in the gcc/ to point to the directory. An --enable-checking build uses the debug libraries, a normal build uses the release LLVM libraries.

Clearly there is a lot of work to do on the patch, so don't go too hard on me. ;-) Again, suggestions for improvements are welcome.



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