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Re: Register Allocation

Andrew MacLeod <> wrote:

> It is my intention over the next few months to do some of the initial
> underlying infrastructure bits upon which the entire document is
> based. Presuming that proceeds OK and I can build up the data
> structures I am looking for, I'll move on from there.  If anyone
> wants to help, I'm sure there will be some juicy things to do.

1) Do you believe there will be sub-parts of this project which could be
carried on succesfully and efficiently by programmers without previous RTL
experience? IIUC, the optimizers will be basically abstracted by RTL details,
but I was thinking of something within the critical path.

2) As for the new tables needed by the RTL library, I suppose they will be
generated by some new gen* program. Did you consider using a scripting language
as a fast prototype to munge .md files and generate those tables? I believe it
would allow faster initial development and more flexibility in changes. Much
later, it can be rewritten in C.

Giovanni Bajo

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