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Re: Link-time optimzation

Mark Mitchell <> writes:

| The GCC community has talked about link-time optimization for some time.
| In addition to results with other compilers, Geoff Keating's work on
| inter-module optimization has demonstrated the potential for improved
| code-generation from applying optimizations across translation units.
| Some of us (Dan Berlin, David Edelsohn, Steve Ellcey, Shin-Ming Liu,
| Tony Linthicum, Mike Meissner, Kenny Zadeck, and myself) have developed
| a high-level proposal for doing link-time optimization in GCC.  At this
| point, this is just a design sketch.  We look forward to jointly
| developing this with the GCC community when the design stabilizes.

I wholeheartly applaude this effort.  At TAMU, we have been developing
similar high level compiler-neutral data structures for program
representations as part of a larger framework.  An overview was
presented recently at LCPC05

I deeply regret we did not have time to finish and make a first
release in time for consideration -- the truth is, it really is a full
time job working on C++, let alone developing supporting tool and other
academic considerations.

I'm delighted to see GCC moving forward to more advanced internal
infrastructure.  We would most certainly give feedbacks based on our
own experience so far.

-- Gaby

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