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Re: Link-time optimzation

> The GCC community has talked about link-time optimization for some time.
> In addition to results with other compilers, Geoff Keating's work on
> inter-module optimization has demonstrated the potential for improved
> code-generation from applying optimizations across translation units.
> Our goal has been to develop a proposal that was sufficiently mature
> that it would serve as a plausible approach for consideration -- but we
> fully expect comments from the community to shape and change what we've
> written, perhaps in quite significant ways.  Certainly, readers will
> find many details that are unresolved; we are not claiming that this is
> a final, formal specification.
> Thoughts?

Yes, we should not have to change the assembler, that is just wrong.

Rationale: people are more willy to use different versions of GCC than
different versions of binutils.  Also that would mean this prevents
targets which don't use GAS or even newer GAS's.

We should not be using debugging sections to emit IR at all, that makes
things worse since you could then have two different versions of the
same global linked function.

Andrew Pinski

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