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Re: Bug in install of gfortran for gcc-4.0.2

Rainer Emrich wrote:
    rm -f /appl/shared/gcc/Linux/i686-pc-linux-gnu/gcc-4.0.2/bin/; \
    ln /appl/shared/gcc/Linux/i686-pc-linux-gnu/gcc-4.0.2/bin/gfortran
/appl/shared/gcc/Linux/i686-pc-linux-gnu/gcc-4.0.2/bin/; \

Looking at gcc/fortran/ we see that the command here is
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(GFORTRAN_TARGET_INSTALL_NAME)$(exeext);
and we also see that GFORTRAN_TARGET_INSTALL_NAME is not defined anywhere. This code was copied from the install-driver rule in gcc/, and we can see that it defines GCC_TARGET_INSTALL_NAME to $(target_noncanonical)-gcc. However, looking at this, I see that the install-driver rule has changed significantly since it was copied into the fortran directory, and as a result, there are also other bugs here. For instance, fortran is setting GFORTRAN_CROSS_NAME from program_transform_cross_name, but this was deleted 2 years ago. So this whole fortran install rule needs to be rewritten, presumably by copying it again from the install-driver rule and modifying it appropriately.

I think we need a PR here to keep track of this.

The install rule starts with a "-", so it shouldn't have caused the install to fail, even though it is wrong. I haven't seen install failures because of this problem.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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