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Re: resolving backslash newline whisky tango foxtrot: a proposal

Dave Korn wrote:
Per, please.  We've been through these ***exact*** interchanges before.
You're now just reiterating the entire thread.  You aren't adding anything

I didn't see my specific proposal ('\\' follow by space is not a line continuation *and* an improved -Wcomment defaults to on when no options are given) in the previous discussion, though of course the issues and possibilities were covered in excessive depth.

just informing everyone which of the already-discussed possibilities your
own personal opinion happens to be.  And you aren't even offering a patch.

You're missing an important point: I'm currently the only person listed as cpplib maintainer. I very much favored Zack's change to allow trailing whitespace after a continuation character, and have just said I'm willing to change this *if* we make -Wcomment the default. So even though I have very little time to spend on gcc, my "personal opinion" matters. If my proposal is acceptable to Apple (and I haven't heard them chime in about it), then we may have a solution that could be acceptable to everybody, without Apple having to create (another) fork in their code-base. It means that Apple can produce a patch with reasonable assurance that it will be approved (assuming we also get consensus from the global write maintainers on the -Wcomment changes.) -- --Per Bothner

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