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RE: resolving backslash newline whisky tango foxtrot: a proposal

Per Bothner wrote:
> Joe Buck wrote:
>> So you want the compiler to only consider '\\$" a continuation,
> Not my preference, but that is my proposal, in the interest
> of compatibility.
>> but to have an unsilenceable warning about '\\ *$'?
> Not unsilenceable - but on-by-default.  It could be silenced with
> an explicit -Wno-comment.  (Or whatever mechanism we use to
> control warnings.)
> The point is that since it's silly and dangerous to depend on
> trailing whitespace, and it's normally a mistake, we should
> warn about it even without -Wall, but if people really want to
> live dangerously they can turn it off.
>> That would appear not to
>> solve the problem of the customers who are wedded to their line art,
>> that started this discussion in the first place.
> They can use -Wno-comment.

  Per, please.  We've been through these ***exact*** interchanges before.
You're now just reiterating the entire thread.  You aren't adding anything
new, just informing everyone which of the already-discussed possibilities your
own personal opinion happens to be.  And you aren't even offering a patch.

  This thread should have been over long ago.  Please, let it die with


[*]  Or even without.  But please, let it die!
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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