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-fprofile-arcs and gcov: data without exit()

-Wuninitialized issues

.cvsignore still needed?

4.0.2 bootstrap comparison failure on AIX 5.3

@true in makefiles

[3.4] fixup_reorder_chain fix

[BENCHMARK] runtime impact of fix for target/17390 on i386 targets

[cft] aligning main's stack frame

[Fwd: ezmlm warning]

[Fwd: GCC 4.0 bug]

[Fwd: Re: Problem with GNAT Ada floating-point image representationunder HPUX]

[GCC] - new mirror site

RE: [gelato-gcc] 15 Sept notes from GCC improvement for Itaniumconference call - Final Version

Re: [gfortran] Change language name from "f95" to "fortran"

[gfortran] gfortran options and cc1 warnings


[gomp] C++ #pragma omp for and -fno-for-scope

[gomp] Does it make sense to post bug reports already?

[gomp] import gcc/stor-layout.c pls

Re: [gomp] libgcj.so: undefined reference to `hidden alias for java::lang::Class::isArray()' and more...

[gomp] libgomp/fortran.c:37: warning: implicit declaration of function 'malloc'

[gomp] objc/objc-act.c:1262: error: too few arguments to function 'finish_class_member_access_expr'

[gomp] objcp/objcp-decl.c:93: error: too many arguments to function 'lookup_name'

[gomp] warnings in omp-low.c: In function 'omp_copy_decl'

[libgfortran] Patch to handle statically linked libgfortran

[obj-c++] a few current test suite failures

Re: [PATCH, ping] Cray Pointers

[RFC] Don't emit REG_DEAD for clobbers if reg stays live

[RFC] Flow: Handle CLOBBERs like SETs if the reg stays live

[RFC] Fortran ICE caused by array addressability issue

[RFC][PATHC] Attack PR12245 by fiddling with CONSTRUCTOR

[Steven Woody] M16C development using GCC, Is It Possible?

[URGENT] GCC 4.0 Nomination

About the alignment of main

Re: Ada question about PR 18434

adding a MIPS instruction with operands to GCC

adding a new register type to i386.h, and add spill/fill support

Aliases crossing procedures

Re: Aliasing violation generated by fold_builtin_memcmp?

Amazon.com Inquiry

Analysis of optimization PRs

anonymous svn over http?

Anyone build 4.0.2 on IRIX 6.5?

Backlash newline newline backlash whiskey tango foxtrot

backslash whitespace newline

Basic block duplication

Big thankyou

bitmaps in gcc

Bootstrapping of gcc-4.1 completly broken on mips-sgi-irix6.5

Broken versions

Bug in install of gfortran for gcc-4.0.2

Bug or feature: symbol names of global/extern variables

Bugzilla error

Build report for AIX 5.1

c compiler VMS 8.2

Can I easily export local gcc copy to a tar file ?

Char *Foo = "ABC" or Char Foo[] = "ABC"" ?

The comment start symbol for arm assembler

Compilation of Ada under FreeBSD

complex arithmetic and signed zero?

contribution to gcc

Copies of the GCC repository

couldn't wait with that till 1st of April...

A couple more subversion notes

cross build gcc 4.0/4.1 fail

Cross GCC on Cygwin

CVS access to the uberbaum tree

Deinitialization of globals

DejaGNU test case assistance please?


Diego Novillo and Daniel Berlin appointed alias analysis maintainers

docs for setting up new target library

Duplicating immediate predecessor of EXIT_BLOCK

dw_at_high_pc = 0

DWARF 3 Public Review

Emit insns in the preparation statements of define_expand

Re: Error at compiling linux-

Error in "SSH connection caching" entry

error: forward declaration of `struct bit::bitObject'

Re: Error: Local symbol '.LTHUNK0' can't be equated to ......

Exception propagation problem on IA-64/Linux

Excess precision problem on IA-64

Expanding sh maintainership for Kaz Kojima

Explicit NOPs for a VLIW Machine

FAIL: gcc.dg/sparc-frame-1.c (test for excess errors) with -m64 on sparc/sparc64 linux...

Final Subversion testing this week

Fishy build system: make_exports.pl called on darwin?

Re: fwprop patch testing


Re: gcc -I- feature

GCC 4.0.2 i686-pc-linux-gnu Debian testing/unstable

GCC 4.0.2 Canadian Cross Compile

Re: GCC 4.0.2 Released

gcc 4.1 FAIL: gfortran.dg/large_integer_kind_1.f90 on sparc/sparc64 linux...

Re: gcc 4.1 FAIL: gfortran.dg/large_integer_kind_1.f90 on sparc/sparc64linux...

GCC 4.1 Status Report (2005-10-02)

GCC 4.1 Status Report (2005-10-27)

GCC Installation Problem - Please help....

GCC optimization oddity

gcc-3.4-20051004 is now available

gcc-3.4-20051011 is now available

gcc-3.4-20051018 is now available

gcc-3.4-20051025 is now available

gcc-4.0-20051006 is now available

gcc-4.0-20051013 is now available

gcc-4.0-20051020 is now available

gcc-4.1-20051001 is now available

gcc-4.1-20051008 is now available

gcc-4.1-20051015 is now available

gcc-4.1-20051022 is now available

gcc-4.1-20051029 is now available

GCC-generated code and i386 condition codes behavior

Re: gcc.dg/ipa/ipa-5.c

GccPowerpc eabi HowTo - probem with stido functions ( sprintf)

GGC Questions

glibc compilation error

Re: Global variable clobbering and statics

GPL question

Grabbing Gomp (was: Is gcc optimized for thread level parallelism?)

Heads up: many recent Fortran SPEC regressions

Re: How do I disable classes of test?

How do we retrieve wwwdocs from SVN ?

How to know which front end?

HowTo Cross Compile GCC on x86 Host for PowerPC Target

Ideas for compile-time checking of exception specifications.

In the meanwhile, 1.3.0rc1 of SVN will become available ..

Re: incompatible 'improvements'

Inserting statements in tree-ssa form

Is gcc optimized for thread level parallelism?

Is the test svn repository working fine?

ISO/IEC 14882:2003

Jikes RVM

Re: libjawtgnu linking borked

Linker error about relocation

Linking of object files from different compilers for ARM

re: M16C development using GCC, Is It Possible?

Mainline now closed to all changes which do not fix regressions

make bootstrap results: GCC 4.0.2, i686-pc-cygwin

Making a new cross-compile target: where to begin?

many libgcc in MacOS X 10.4 build

Marking conditional blocks

Minor Tree-SSA Documentation Oddities

MIPS TLS relocation assembly code invalid from GCC-4.1...

The move to subversion

Moving to subversion, gonna eat me a lot of peaches

Moving to subversion?

Need advice: x86 redudant compare to zero

A New Architecture

New branch opened: dataflow-branch

new cctools, 590.12 for Darwin

New GCC mirror

New SVN repo is up

New SVN Wiki page

non mainstream hardware.

notes, presentations from GCC Improvement for Itanium sessions at Gelato meeting, Oct 3-4, 2005


Out of curiosity: gcc-cvs@gcc.gnu.org?

Passing an argument

Passing va_args...

peep2_next_insn returns PEEP2_EOB

Re: picoChip port contribution

Post-Mont-Tremblant mailing

PR 22082: Trouble linking with 64-bit libgcc on powerpc-darwin

Problem building *-rtems on the head

Problem building svn on x86-64

Problem with GNAT Ada floating-point image representation under HPUX

Re: Problems with the m32c target and M16C6N cpu

problems with writing a new pass

Procesos Preventivos en la Administracion Publica //*0510518601558adr

Profiling+nested functions+dynamic linking on IA-64/Linux

Re: Properly setting the pkcconfig directory (was: Moving the pkgconfig directory from lib/ to libdata/?)

Re: Properly setting the pkcconfig directory (was: Moving thepkgconfig directory from lib/ to libdata/?)

Re: proposed Opengroup action for c99 command (XCU ERN 76)

A question about define_insn and force-reg

Question about Machine Description

A question about RTL output

A question on alias analysis

Re: question on checkout?

Question on Dwarf2 unwind info and optimized code

Question on i386 stack adjustment optimization

Question on proposed use of "svn switch"

Question WRT liveness of svn repository...

Questions about comparison insns in mips.md

quick way to transition a cvs checkout to svn?

regression hunt setup

regression hunt setup using Subversion

Regression status improving -- keep it up!

Regressions reviewed, main web page updated

REMINDER: CVS Server going readonly tomorrow

resolving backslash newline whisky tango foxtrot: a proposal

Revisiting generalized lvalues

Re: RFC: future gfortran development and subversion

RFC: IPO optimization framework for GCC

RFC: redundant stores in C++

RFC: weakref GCC attribute and .weakref assembly directive

rsync access seems to be broken

Re: Running ranlib after installation - okay or not?

SEGV in do_simple_structure_copy

semantics of null lang_hooks.callgraph.expand_function?

Severe problems with vectorizing stuff in 4.0.3 HEAD

Re: Should -msse3 enable fisttp

Re: Should -msse3 enable fisttp?

A single SVK tarball is available

So here is the final subversion plan

Some svn numbers

Special bugzilla query for fixed PRs

Speed impact of virtual inheritance

SSH connection caching

stack memory

Stopping getting emails about bug reconfirmations

Subversion access via http proxy

Subversion and firewalls question

success: gcc @ RH9.0 Shrike

Successful build of gcc 4.0.2 on alphaev56-dec-osf5.1b (c, c++, treelang)

Successful gcc 4.0.2 build (C,C++ on MinGW i386 WinXP)

Successful gcc 4.0.2 build on alphaev68-dec-osf5.1bTru64(c,c++,f95,objc,java,treelang)

Successful gcc-4.0.2 build (MinGW i386 on WinXP)

Successful gcc4.0.2 build (Redhat 9, Kernel 2.4.25)

Successfull build of gcc-4.0.2 on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

Successfull build of gcc-4.0.2 on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Successfull build of gcc-4.0.2 on ia64-unknown-linux-gnu

Successfull build of gcc-4.0.2 on mips-sgi-irix6.5

Successfull build of gcc-4.0.2 on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

Support for init_priority in ARM EABI configurations

SVN 1.3?

Svn doc edit for 4.0 branch name

svn tag inspection

svn troubles

svn: Is it there yet?

SVN: question on checkout?

Tag reorg

target-defs.h / tm.h question

Thanks [was Re: Speed impact of virtual inheritance]

Types of allowed regions in sched-rgn.c


Update on GCC moving to svn

Updating a subversion directory?

Use of Bugzilla fields

using multiple trees with subversion

Vector et emergo: On the vectorization of the HIRLAM Weather Prediction code.

Vectorizing HIRLAM 1: This dependence is determinable.

Vectorizing HIRLAM 2: One out of the "unhandled data-ref" garbage bin :-)

Vectorizing HIRLAM 3: Can't vectorize DOUBLE COMPLEX loops ...

Vectorizing HIRLAM 4: complicated access patterns examined.

Vectorizing HIRLAM 5: Another one out of the "unhandled data-ref" grab bag.

Re: Vectorizing HIRLAM 5: Another one out of the "unhandled data-ref" grabbag.

Vectorizing HIRLAM 6: Honoring Fortran's Alias Requirements - might be a bug.

Vectorizing HIRLAM II: Using the autovect branch compiler.

Vectorizing HIRLAM NN.

Warning on C++ catch by value on non primitive types

warning on i686-pc-cygwin

Wformat-security and string literal

What is gnattools?

What is really a new line in most compilers

Whats the real penalty of non-mmap ggc?

Whoops - Working copy size in subversion

Wishlish: GCC option for explicit booleans

Re: x86 SSE constants

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