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GCC 4.1 Status Report (2005-10-27)

We've made very good progress during the regression-only period on the
mainline.  From 219 regressions on the 10th, we're down to just 149
about two weeks later.  Unfortunately, we made most of that progress in
the first week to ten days; we've slowed down over the last week.

There are still 44 regressions open that are on my critical list, i.e.,
that represent wrong-code, ice-on-valid, or rejects-valid regressions.

I plan to make a pass over the 149 regressions over the weekend,
postponing some.  As I do that, I'm going to gather some better
statistics about real priority -- how many are truly arcane, and how
many look like real problems.

The two key questions, of course are:

1. When will the mainline reopen for Stage 3 bug-fixes?

2. When will the mainline branch?

I would still like to hit, or at least get closer to, the 100-regression
target before we branch.  I also recognize the need to move forward.
I would hope that it's at most two weeks to drive down 49 regressions;
that's just three a day.

In any case, on November 11th, or when we hit 100 regressions, whichever
comes first, we will reopen for bug fixes.  Then, we will have one week
for non-regression bug fixes.  On November 18th, we'll branch.

During the week for non-regression bug fixes, please remember that
you're right up against the branch point, and that if you cause problems
that cause me to delay the branch, people will be angry at both of us. :-)

Also, please note that this means that it's time to get your 4.2 project
proposals in, if you haven't already.  As for 4.1, I'll be trying to
make some suggestions about phasing those in during Stage 1 for 4.2.
You'll be at the front of the queue if your patch has already been
approved for 4.2 before we branch; please note that on your project pages.


Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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