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So here is the final subversion plan

After considering all the comments, etc, here is the plan.

We will move to subversion starting Wednesday, October 26th.
This means that CVS except for wwwdocs will become readonly at that
The conversion should take roughly 39 hours.

I have chosen wednesday because:

a. 1.3.0rc1 will be out tonight or this weekend (it would have been this
morning, but there is a small packaging issue being worked out). 
Using a 1.3 client, the checkout sizes of the converted repo (NOT THE
ONE CURRENTLY THERE) is 640 meg, instead of 900 someodd meg.

b. 39 hours means it will finish around Friday sometime, which gives the
weekend, which is usually light usage, to solve any immediate problems
we haven't seen yet.

c. Since we want people using a 1.3 client, waiting for 1.3.0 to release
is wrong, since you want to know about any critical or showstopper bugs
during the RC phase so they can be *fixed* in 1.3.0, not wait till it's
released and then complain and wait for 1.3.1.

d. It will give me a bit of time to reorg the wiki documentation, and
replace our current cvs docs with an equivalent (though i'm very tempted
to reorg the wiki docs and simply point people at the reorg'd wiki docs
instead of having 2 pages that describe how to work with svn + gcc)

Savannah should start mirroring sometime Friday,
and throw a readonly svnserve somewhere (Again, i recommend a 1.3 or
1.3.0 release, for performance reasons) :).

Before anyone asks, due to some bug fixes by iant to the old-gcc/gcc
merging script by iant, the revisions for the new gcc repo will be
slightly different from the old one, and thus: You will need to delete
your current svn/svk based checkouts and redo them.


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